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52 Crafts in 52 Weeks
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52 Crafts in 52 Weeks
52 Crafts in 52 weeks, is exactly that .... In the year of 2008 members endeavor to make 52 hand made craft projects and share them with other like minded people.

* Any & All crafts welcome.
* Big or small.
* No Selling / Spamming your wares.
* You don't have to do a "craft" a week, just endeavor to do 52 within a year.
* No explicit sexual items. Artist nudity / adult concepts are okay (This is a LJ rule, not mine)

Communities are only ever as strong as their members. Your ideas are always welcome.

The purpose of this community is to increase our enjoyment of our crafts & skills, and to share our thoughts and ideas with the rest of the community.

Don't worry, I wont come and break your legs if you haven't managed to complete the challenge! *grin*

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